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Real Grade Gundam Model Kits

If you love the smaller scales of HG kits but also love a lot of detail, then Real Grade kits are just right for you!

Our selection of Real Grade Gundam models includes Gunpla kits of Mobile Suits from the Universal Century timeline as well as from alternate timelines. These Gundam RG model kits are highly detailed, include a massive number of parts, and feature an inner frame similar to the MG line—all at an affordable price. This Real Grade Gundam model line has also recently expanded to include models from other franchises, starting with Evangelion units from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Whether you’re new to model kits or a veteran, we’ve got incredible Real Grade Gundam model kits that are perfect for you. We also carry a full selection of paints, tools, and accessories as well—only at The Gundam Place Store.