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Gundam Model Paints

At The Gundam Place Store, we carry the best brands of Gundam model paint in the modeling industry. Gaianotes lacquer-based paints are formulated in Japan and are specifically designed with the hobbyist in mind. Gaianotes lacquer-based paints feature highly pigmented, rich, and vibrant colors. Mr.COLOR hobby paint has long been regarded highly by modelers worldwide for delivering an outstanding finish.

The Scale Modellers Supply (SMS) is the supplier of our premium range of acrylic lacquer Gundam model paints. These SMS plastic model paints are specifically formulated for airbrushing and are ready for use straight out of the bottle.

Whether you’re new to the hobby of assembling and painting model kits or an old pro, we’ve got the selection of high-quality Gundam model paints that you need most to bring your creations to life. Shop today.