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Gundam Resin/Conversion Kits

Most Gundam model kits are comprised of plastic parts that are produced on a large scale using steel molds. But our Gundam resin/conversion kits are made with vastly different production methods. Using silicone molds these are made out of resin instead of injection polystyrene. Resin pieces cannot be made in large quantities like plastic pieces can be, due to the fact that silicone molds deteriorate over time.

As such, these Gundam resin/conversion kits aren’t produced in high numbers like plastic kits. You’ll sometimes see them called garage kits because that’s how they started out! Our resin/conversion kits differ from other models in that they include resin pieces that are meant to be added onto existing models, altering their appearance or transforming them into completely different Gundam models.

Browse our selection today and ensure you have the appropriate base model kit to modify first.