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High-Resolution Model God Gundam 1/100

Gundams, Master Grade Gundam Models
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From “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”, God Gundam with higher resolution has been added to the high resolution model series! Realize the highest movement of the series by using a special fighting battle type frame! ■ Uses a pre-painted frame with a profound feeling using die-casting. ■ The frame specializing in fighting battles has evolved further, with elbows, knees and shoulders equipped with interlocking slide gimmicks when movable. ■ The structure of the abdomen that enables forward bending is movable like a muscle, and bold kicking action is also possible. ■ We secure movable range by connecting side armor to back armor. You can take a dynamic pose. ■ Grounding performance is improved by moving toe parts. Rubber parts are applied to the soles for better grip. ■ The thumb of the hand can express richly by moving the joints in three places. ■ The sun effect is expressed with a PET sheet, and the hyper mode that releases the chest and shoulders can be reproduced. ■ Jewel seal is adopted for the chest energy multiplier. ■ Hand parts can be replaced with palms. ■ Clear orange parts for Godfinger are included. Accessories: ■ Finished product frame ■ Jewel seal × 1 ■ Rubber sheet × 1 ■ PET sheet x 1. Product contents: ■ Sprue × 10 ■ Tetron Seal × 1 ■ Instruction manual x 1 Scale: 1/100 Release Date: Late Oct., 2019

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