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MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver.KA

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Oh…my…guns! Sure we’ve already had a Ver. Ka MG Unicorn (linked below) and then the improved versions released when the OVA hit theaters in Japan (also linked below) but this might be the most epic MG Unicorn Gundam yet. Just look at what’s in this box! MG Unicorn capable of transforming from Unicorn to Destroy Mode Green psycho frame parts! Two Beam Magnums. Two Hyper Bazookas. Two Triple Missile Pods. Two Grenade Launchers. Six Beam Gatling Guns (Yes, 6!). Three Shields Four Beam Sabers. Two Hyper Beam Javelins. If that isn’t enough for you check this out. Those Giant boosters on the back (along with extra parts supplied by Bandai) can be used to construct the Unicorns’s Type 94 Base Jabber! Scale: 1/100 Item Size/Weight: 39.0cm x 31.0cm x 14.5cm / 1660g Release Date: Dec 2011

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