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MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS Cage

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To commemorate the release of the “Gundam Unicorn” animated movie Bandai has released this newer, better, most glorious MG Unicorn called the Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS Cage! This isn’t just a new paint scheme; Bandai have totally redone this kit. Check out these features! Fully transformable. New body color. Head redesigned, including vulcans, to match the animated version. An additional antenna for destroy mode. Mobility of the hips is now 360 degrees! MS Cage included that can store extra parts. MS Cage can be attached to the Action Base 1 (Action Base 1 not included) 1/100 figures: Audrey, Banagher, Cardeas, and Marida included! Included weapons are the Beam Magnum (with magazine), Hyper Bazooka, Shield, and Beam Saber. This kit features slightly darker armor color than the simultaneously released MG Unicorn Gundam. Scale: 1/100 Item Size/Weight: 59.2cm x 32.0cm x 11.5cm / 1400g Release Date: Mar 2010

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