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1/100 #02 Vigna-Gina (Mobile suit XM-07)

Gundams, RE/100
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‘- 1/100 scale at the time of broadcasting Vegin · Gina which was not made into a kit was realized in RE / 100 format in three dimensions. – Adopting high density detail and proportion, conscious of the lineup with “MG 1/100 Gundam F91. – Pursue a beautiful form of Vina – Gina that is composed mainly of curved surfaces. – The “Crossbone · Vanguard” mark on the head is reproduced with a marking sticker. – Two types of cockpit hatches are included. Both states can be reproduced together with the marking seal of the head. – The calf duct moves in conjunction with the knee joint. It does not destroy the aircraft design, making deep bending possible. – Each of the eight characteristic fin nozzles can move independently. – Abundant arms are included. Beam shield is reproduced by clear molding.

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