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HG #08 Elf Bullock

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Early variable machine Elf Brook manipulate the nemesis mask Captain lineup! – The HG of the state-of-the-art machine Elf Brook Capital Amyi. While reproduce the deformation mechanism to flight form, proportions and action of even both. Characteristic beam saber is reproduced in the clear orange UV reaction material. – Replacement parts for deformation and beam saber is included. Blade of the beam saber is molded in clear orange (UV reaction material). – By replacing the shin parts, and reproduce the beam saber deployment state. The supplied dedicated base, in saber deployment also display possible. Dedicated base MS form, also corresponds to either flight form. – Fine detail also reproduce the setting color molding color and foil seal of the head. – Also long-distance booster included. It can reproduce the flight form by parts replacement. Accessories: beam saber × 2, for exhibition pedestal. Scale: 1/144 Item Size/Weight: 30.0cm x 19.5cm x 7.5cm / 360g Release Date: Feb 2015

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