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HGUC #235 NRX-055 Baund-Doc

Gundams, High Grade Gundam Model Kits
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From “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”, the bound dock is three-dimensionalized in the latest HG format with a total height of about 190 mm! Express the characteristic coloring with the molding color. The variable gimmick of MS and MA is thoroughly reproduced without compromising the peculiar proportions that are supple and strong. Reproduce the characteristic skirt structure by the calculated parts composition and color coding. Reproduce the unique deformation of folding the upper body into the waist skirt armor. You can enjoy the display in the form you like. Each part’s power pipe is made of an elastomer material and can be moved flexibly. Attached weapons are “Beam Rifle”, “Diffusion Mega Particle Cannon” and “Beam Saber”. A dedicated pedestal is included. Includes: Beam Rifle x1, Beam Saber x1, Diffusion mega particle cannon x1, Pedestal x1, Foil seal x1.

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