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30 MM #14 bEXM-15 Portanova (Navy)

30 Minutes Missions Model Kits
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BANDAI SPIRITS original robot plastic model series “30 MINUTES MISSIONS” with simple structure and easy assembly “bEXM-15 Porta Nova [Navy]” appeared on 1/144 scale. ■ Intuitive and easy-to-understand runner arrangement and simple parts configuration. Easy with about 80 parts! ■ As assembly is easy, you can make a lot! I want to collect a lot! ■ Develop multiple color variations on the same aircraft. You can enjoy your favorite coloring without painting. ■ A joint structure common to the series is used. Units can be recombined and parts can be replaced between different aircraft. ■ Further customization is possible with 3mm axis hard points provided in various places! ■ Armed with rifle and knuckle. ■ Equipped with a backpack with hard points. Accessories: ■ Rifle × 1 ■ Icon mechanism × 1 ■ Backpack × 1 ■ Knuckle × 1.) Item Size/Weight : 30 x 19 x 4.8 cm / 203g Release Date: Mid Nov., 2019

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