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BBGU #392 Neo Zeong

Gundams, SD/BB
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From Gundam UC: Episode 7, the Neo Zeong, nemesis of the Unicorn Gundam is the largest, most powerful Suit in all of the Universal Century! – Massive, even at this size, when compared side by side with the SD BB Senshi of standard size! – In comparison with the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, the Neo Zeong is easily double the size! – Tons of accessories, weapons and parts! – Sinanju Bazooka is also included, along with SD display stand, and the SD Sinanju figure as the pilot! Accessories: Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Beam Tomahawk x2, Grenade Launcher, Shield, Bazooka, SD General-Purpose Display Stand Item Size/Weight : 29.9 x 19 x 11.3 cm / 505g Release Date: Jun 2014

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