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Fire LED Kit- Size: Pico (1mm)

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The Fire Kit is a combination of 3 LEDs: a flashing red, a flashing orange and a solid orange. The secret to the fire effect is the different flash rates giving a random effect. You get a ready-to-use pack of 3 LEDs, battery not included. For larger scale fireplace fires, or building fires we like to use the 5mm Fire Kit. For structure fires, where a whole floor or more of the building is engulfed in flames we use 2 or even 4 packs of the 5mm Fires to get things really looking lively! Also, line the inside of your building with Aluminum Foil (where the foil cannot be seen from the outside) to help throw the light around even more!

* Voltage: 3 volt battery

*Wire Length: 14 inch

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