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Full Mechanics #04 1/100 Gundam Bael IBO

Gundams, RE/100
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The all-new Mobile Suit Gundam Bael is being brought to the 1/100 Full Mechanics series! The mechanical detailing on these kits bring authentic details that cannot be fully realized in the anime. The Gundam Frame is recreated down the the finest details and the true form of the Gundam Frame is revealed. The Bael’s armor over the face and arms have been recreated to give an appropriate sense of scale and the emblem has been accurately pressed into the shoulder parts for added realism. This model kits also features a range of movement that allows scenes from the anime to be easily recreated. The moveable wrists allow the blades to be brandished at an angle as well as to be unsheathed. Set includes two blades, open hand (left and right), clenched hand (left and right), and dedicated hand (left and right).

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