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HG 1/48 Juggernaut (Long Range Cannon Type)

High Grade Gundam Model Kits
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From “86-Eighty Six-“, which started broadcasting anime on terrestrial broadcasting in April 2021, the combat machine “Jaguar Note” on which the main characters are on board appears on a 1/48 scale!
■ High-detail expression based on the original
■ Movable parts allow for various actions
■ Equipped with a “long-range type smoothbore gun” specialized for long-range artillery. The length of the barrel is about 250 mm, and it is equipped with a folding gimmick.
■ “Heavy machine gun” is attached to the long-range artillery specification.
-A support machine scavenger and figures of Krena and Lena are included on the same scale as the Jaguar Note.

■ Long-range type smoothbore gun x 1
■ Heavy machine gun x 2
■ Lead wire x 2
■ Scavenger x 1
■ Figure x 2 types (Krena [sitting], Lena [standing])
■ Dedicated pedestal x 1
■ Marking Seal x 1

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