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Hg Kobu-Kai (Ichiro Ogami Type) “Sakura Wars”

High Grade Gundam Model Kits
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From hit video game “Sakura Wars 2”, the unit of Ichiro Ogami, you the player, appears in HG form! Being supvervised by original rights holders, its entire structure is being designed with the utmost attention to detail including rivets, and tubing, exhaust ports, and even interna detail! Equipped with a gimmick that can open and close the boarding hatch, it is possible to board the included figure in the cockpit. The “head” features a gimmick that can move the eye camera to the left and right to express a natural line-of-sight movement that matches the posing. Nylon tube x 2, wire x 2, water transfer decal, foil seal x 1, jewel seal × 1

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