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HGGTO #25 MS-06C-6 / R6 Zaku II Type C-6/R6

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SKU: BAN 2469174

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Bandai’s newest HG kit is the Zaku II Type C-6 from “Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin”! The shape of the Zaku II C6 type’s chest is altered from that of the regular C type and reinforced. It comes with markings so you can recreate the suit’s appearance when piloted by Denim, Slender, Gene, or Pacheco. Included


  • Belt fed machine gun
  • Bazooka Type A2 Spare
  • magazine for bazooka (x2)
  • Anti-Ship rifle ASR-78 Heat Hawk (active and stored form)
  • Right hand for rifle/bazooka
  • Fist (left and right)
  • Open left hand
  • Marking sticker

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