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HGBF #01 Build Strike Gundam Full Package

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This is the main Gundam of the new GunPla Build Fighters series which is focused around Gundam Models. Similar in appearance to the Strike Gundam from Gundam Seed, it has been given sleek new proportion, styling, and a brand new backpack! The GunPla Build Fighters line of kits shares construction with many past and future kits to encourage kit customization! Three beam gun weapons, two beam sabers, and shield weapon are included along with the Build Booster backpack.

Product Features

  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Featured in the Gundam Build Fighters anime
  • Features 3 beam gun weapons, 2 beam sabers, and a shield
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Build Strike Gundam
    • 3 Beam guns
    • 2 Beam sabers
    • Shield
    • Build Booster backpack
  • Instructions

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