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HGBF #5 Beargguy III (San)

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Product Description
Based on the Gundam Build Fighters, the Beargguy III model kit is in 1/144 scale and features 6 different facial expression stickers including angry and surprised faces for maximum cuteness! Armaments include mouth cannon, 2 beam sabers and Ribbon Striker backpack. Backpacks from the Build Custom series as well as other previously released model kits like the Aile Striker are compatible to make Beargguy III even more powerful!
Product Features
1/144 Scale
Made of plastic
From Gundam Build Fighters
Features 6 different facial expression stickers
Instructions may or may not include English translation
Box Contents
Pieces to build Beargguy III
6 Facial expression stickers
Mouth cannon
2 Beam sabers
Ribbon Striker backpack

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