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HGUC #161 MSM-08 Zogok Unicorn Version

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The MSM-08 Zogok originates from Kunio Okawara’s first Mobile Suit Variations series, establishing dozens of alternate versions of preexisting Mobile Suits in the Universal Century Timeline. The MSM-08 Zogok is a heavily modified variant of the MSM-07 Z’Gok built specifically for close-quarters combat above the surface. The MSM-08 Zogok is still an amphibious Mobile Suit but can only propel itself underwater using its feet. Like its sister, the MSM-04G Juaggu, Zeon built the MSM-08 Zogok to Assault the Earth Federation’s Jaburo Base but never utilized it. The Mobile Suit would finally see action in 0096 in Neo Zeon’s assault of Torrington Base, as seen in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn animated series.

Included with the HGUC MSM-08 Zogok for accessories:

  • Boomerang Cutter x10
  • Heat Sword
  • Deployed Heat Sword Effect Part
  • Arm Extension x2
  • Sturm Faust x2


Like many amphibious Mobile Suits, the MSM-08 Zogok features an integrated head and chest to reduce water resistance while traveling underwater. Underneath the transparent cover on the front of the Mobile Suit is a uniquely ball-jointed monoeye sensor, providing the MSM-08 Zogok’s eye with an excellent range of motion. The torso and waist of the MSM-08 Zogok are separate pieces attached via a ball joint for a small amount of articulation in all directions. The inclusion of heat piping connecting the backpack to the waist thrusters may inhibit some posability

Weapons and Other Notable Attributes 

Unlike the MSM-08 Zogok’s amphibious friends, the Mobile Suit’s standard fixed armaments include a pair of traditional manipulators, enabling the MSM-08 Zogok to use standard melee weapons and mass-production firearms. Builders will find two such weapons in the package alongside the MSM-08 Zogok, including a Heat Sword and a pair of Sturm Fausts. The MSM-08 Zogok’s manipulators are weapons all by themselves too! This Mobile Suit can extend its forearms at a high velocity, and when combined with the oversized and specially designed manipulators, will crush multiple layers of armor.

This kit includes:

9 Runners total (A1, B1, C1, C2, D1, E1, F, PC7, PC132)
Total Piece Count – 140 with 2 Unused Parts
Foil Seal
Materials – PS, PE

Additional Fun information

Pilot(s): Unknown
Unit Type: Prototype Close Quarters
Model number: MSM-08
Code name: Zogok
Overall Height: 18.8m(61.7ft)
Manufacturer: MIP Company

Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade
Completed Model Height:
Original Release Date: Sept 2013
Gundam Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Mechanical Designer: Kunio Okawara

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