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BB #399 LEGEND Versal Knight Gundam

Gundams, SD/BB
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The pardoned of [Versal] title, [Versal Knight Gundam] appeared! – Only Lacroix king and knight leader has awarded rights, which is the highest position of the knight of Suda Doaka a new figure of the title Knight Gundam was awarded the [Versal Knight] appeared in the LEGEND BB. Luxurious design with two kinds of plated parts of gold and silver. – Replaced by the centaur form reproduce! – Visor next to the feathers are molded by separate parts. – Color reproduction with two plating parts of gold and silver! – Electromagnetic Lance & Basarusodo included! Accessories: electromagnetic lance, Basarusodo, sheath, Night Flyer, cloak. Item Size/Weight: 31.0cm x 20.4cm x 6.5cm / 290g Release Date: Aug 2015

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