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MG Ex-S Gundam/S Gundam

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From “Gundam Sentinel”, the Ex-S Gundam has been upgraded and appeared! ■ We renew shape in concept with “more Sentinel-like and more S Gundam-like” concept. S Gundam and Ex-S Gundam can be assembled in a selective manner. ■ We can reproduce separate combination of “G core” “G attacker” “G bomber”. ■ The head, shoulders, chest, and backpack use parts newly constructed with the MG 1/100 PLAN 303E deep striker. The shape change parts of the abdomen are also shaped newly. Main arms are included, including the Beam Smart Gun. ■ Hand parts are newly built flats (left and right) that are ideal for posing with a beam smart gun. ■ Incom has also been remodeled, and it has been remodeled to reproduce not only color-coded scenes but also the shot scenes. ■ Three-dimensional reproduction by multiple structure unique to MG. Built-in high-density frame to the whole body. Accessories: ■ Beam smart gun x 1. ■ Beam saber (Beam canon) x 2. ■ Incom x 3 Product details: ■ Molded parts x 49 ■ Foil seal x 1 ■ Marking seal x 1 ■ Lead wire x 3 ■ Screw x 29 ■ Instruction Manual × 1 Scale: 1/100 Item Size/Weight : 57 x 39 x 12.5 cm / 2260g Release Date: Mid Apr., 2019

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