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MK-03 Super Glossy Varnish

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MODO Super Glossy Varnish

Volume: Clear Coat 20ml (0.7 oz.) + Catalyst 10ml (0.4 oz.)

[Product Description]

No thinner need.

  1. High hardness: anti-nail scraping, anti-friction.
  2. High transparency: super high transparency and clear as glass.
  3. Easy to operate: the bottle is attached with a scale and can be sprayed by mixing two doses.
  4. Resistant to modeling solvents: compatible with general modeling lacquers and cannot be destroyed by nitro solvents after hardening.
  5. Mirror shine: Spray one coat on the flat surface, and you can efficiently finish the mirror, changing the process and time you have spent in the past.


15 years and up.

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